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Learn the causes, warning signs and behaviors you’re probably engaging in that are driving you towards burnout.

Where am I gripping too tight? Where have I been resisting help? How can I focus on the right things - RIGHT NOW - to get on track and stay on track?

For only $29, you will get:

  • Episode 1: How to Avoid Burnout
  • Episode 1 Homework
  • Episode 2: Take Action to Prevent or Recover from Burnout
  • Episode 2 Homework

Cyrina Talbott is the owner of Life Back Therapy.

Here's her story:

I completely burned out in 2011. I'd been neglecting my soul, my health and my family for years and it caught up to me. My business closed after 5 years. My beliefs made me fail. I knew they had to go. I had to face my past. After trying many methods and types of healing that never totally worked, I found Rapid Transformational Therapy and was finally able to face past trauma and get my life back!

RTT allowed me to finally trust that I'm valuable and I deserve to be here. I've increased my income, learned how to rest, how to feel valuable regardless of my output, and how to have amazing relationships. I now know how to take care of myself so that success can last. I'm not perfect, but for once in my life, that's OK!

For over 20 years in the radio industry, Pat got the attention of listeners with big promotions, fun events and head-turning innovations.

Now, Pat helps Small Business Owners find clear and competitive advantages to grow. Pat can bring all of this experience to help create aha! moments for your Small Business.